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How to get SA302?

How to get SA302?

I have now bitten the bullet and started to file SA returns online. I understand that by doing so my clients will no longer be issued with a SA302. I have always provided clients with a calculation of their tax liability, but most like to get an 'official' copy from HMRC.

I am asked over the course of the year to provide an SA302 for the purposes of mortgage/loan applications, to local authority and educational establishments etc.
I understand that SA302 is not supplied as the calculations are shown within the tax return, which is not very helpful when a SA302 has specifically been requested (even if the request is still sometimes made for the tax 'assessment'!).

Is there any way a SA302 can still be secured from HMRC? (Without having to request one for each client separately!)


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01st May 2008 09:15

I think the provision of SA302s is possibly the fastest thing the Revenue do. I have known them arrive the next day after being requested, which is a tribute to Royal Mail too.

The reason for this is that at the Revenue end this is more or less a form that they pull up on their screens so to click Print & Send is easy. For that reason I wouldn't be surprised if they followed Clint's suggestion of requesting it online - but there's other things to fix first.

Why would clients prefer the Revenue's version - our software produces something that's a lot more understandable than the Revenue's Tax calc?

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01st May 2008 07:20

I have never had a problem ...
... getting an SA302, simply by asking for one.

It would be a nice service for HMRC online services to provide via their gateway: Click on a button to request the SA302.

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01st May 2008 02:15

I wouldn't worry about it
Dear Mr Liner

Here's your opportunity to educate mortgage/loan providers and indeed other authorities and establishments. SA302's aren't available (don't you know?) when returns are filed online. Nor, as I understand, are they usually issued when paper returns are submitted after 30 September (unless there's an amendment, or, by request to HMRC - possibly....

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