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How to put "&" in header / footer of Excel sheet

How to put "&" in header / footer of Excel sheet

I have a client whose business is called (say) "A & B Foods." They produce their invoices on Excel and would like their name to appear as a header on each sheet. Although the name can be entered in a cell on each sheet, I can't get Excel to make it a page header. When using Print preview, Setup,Header/Footer, Custom Header (or Footer) then typing in "A & B Foods", Excel refuses to print the "&" in the name. (They want an "&" instead of "and"). How do I get Excel to do this?
Adrian Wilkinson


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By dragan
15th May 2005 20:42

How to put "&" in header / footer of Excel sheet
Great question Adrian and great answer Simon.

It was something that was doing my head in for all of the clients with an & in their name, also getting review points suggesting "why not use cell A1 instead". Well its not the same!

Now I can change all of the headers in the workbook by first selecting the first sheet then holding down the shift key and selecting the last sheet. I then will make the change to the header and my client names will be correct in the working papers.

Thanks guys!

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By 0411134
10th Nov 2000 17:43

"&" in Excel header/footer
Thanks, Simon. It works! I thought the answer would be simple but it baffled me. Adrian

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10th Nov 2000 20:16

Why use Excel for accounting work?
Frequently when people tell me they use Excel for their invoicing, I suggest that one of the many accounting software programs for small businesses will help the client produce invoices more efficiently, keep a better debtors ledger,and, if they are prepared to enter all their cash transactions, handle their VAT as a spin-off benefit, and (with adequate training) produce the right draft figures for their accountant at the end of the year.

Perhaps A&&B Foods could benefit in the same way? Just a thought (;-)

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By shurst
10th Nov 2000 16:13

Entering an ampersand in Excel header or footer
Try entering && rather than just one & - it should give you the the & you need


Simon Hurst

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