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How to stop the revenue hassling me..

How to stop the revenue hassling me..

I completed my P35 end of year return mid-May using their online service (which I was really pleased with - works great and I love being able to print my P60's etc)

Anyway, a few months later a got a printed reminder in the post, saying it was overdue. I rang my tax office and they said, "yes, we can see you submitted it, ignore the letter". So I did.

A month or so later, another reminder arrives, this time warning of interest etc. AGain, I ring my office, and they again confirm they do actually have my return. They dont know why they are sending me reminders.

This week, I got a phone call from Glasgow office, asking me again why I havnt submitted my return. I almost lost my cool, but carefully explained the whole saga.

I am half expecting a letter with a fine for not submitting my return, so when/if it arrives, what should I do? How do I convince the revenue they do actually have my return and to stop hassling me for it?


Neil Spellings


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25th Aug 2003 17:29

Use recorded delivery
Unfortunately this means not using the online submission. Since my problems last year with the alleged non-submission of P11D(b), I have taken to sending all time critical material by recorded delivery, and printing out proof that the packet was delivered (according to the carrier, of course!)

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By Albasas
22nd Aug 2003 09:06

Some Things You Just Cant Change

Just ignore their stupid letters. You've done your bit...not your problem! IR are like a huge ocean liner i.e. if they want to turn or steer in a different direction it takes an age.Dont waste your time with this you have an MP. That's their job!

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19th Aug 2003 12:47

Double Record
The same thing happened to my client a year ago. Upon investigation, we realised that the Inland Revenue had set up two self-assessment records (i.e. two UTR numbers) for my client. I phoned the Inland Revenue and they duly merged both the records.

Problem solved.


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19th Aug 2003 12:58

Duplicate records? and complaint
I was going to suggest the same as Ashfaque Patel; I had a client who was always getting PAYE reminders and it transpired that there were two references (and two Collection References) for the same business PAYE sheme.

If this is not the problem I have always found that insisting on speaking to the supervisor of the section (ask for the name and title in case you get cut off on transfer) or the Area Customer Services Manager stating that you wish to make a formal (verbal) complaint, usually ensures that the records are corrected and updated PDQ. Written complaints cost time and money unfortunately.

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By Abacjm
18th Aug 2003 22:44

Revenue hassling
Next time, get the name and dept of the person who confirms that they have received it and tell the originator of the letter to check with him/her. If he is not prepared to do so, threaten to invoice him with the cost of your time.

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21st Aug 2003 11:22

Similar with P11D's
I submitted my P11d's via the IR on-line system in April and although the On-line helpdesk had received them my local office did not. I ended up sending paper copies to the local office on 5th July as they still had not received the electonic ones.

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