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ICAEW Accreditation – do you care?

ICAEW Accreditation – do you care?

We’re considering having our products ICAEW accredited. When you buy software for your practice or recommend software to your clients, does it matter to you if it’s ICAEW accredited?

Do you put more or less weight by ICAEW accreditation than you would for, say, a recommendation from a colleague?

Duane Jackson


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07th Mar 2008 13:14

Doesn't sway me at all
To be honest ICAEW accreditation means little to me (except perhaps that you have the money to pay them in the first place).

Whether you were accredited or not would not change the way that I approached the evaluation of the software.

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By Anonymous
10th Mar 2008 07:19

CPA accredited better
Because CPA is a more widely used designate and popular, I suggest CPA accreditation is more important and carries more weight.

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09th Mar 2008 19:23

No, not in the slightest
Unless ICAEW review ALL popular software and only give accreditation to those it evaluates as being the best, it is a completely pointless exercise.

How can you compare two pieces of software, one with accreditation and the other without. The accreditation only means something if they both applied (and paid their money) but only one achieved the accreditation status.

If some software has not applied, how can anyone compare it against one that has, and come to the conclusion that the one with is better than the other.

Having looked at the list of ICAEW accredited software, I was amazed how few products were on there, mostly the larger suppliers - very little indeed for the small business on a budget, so it is completely pointless.

Real surveys like the accountingweb one are far better as they are open to all and therefore can be compared against eachother.

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By Anonymous
09th Mar 2008 16:33

Not at all
I've used software with ICAEW accreditation, some years ago admittedly, and it was riddled with bugs. I don't know how they test, indeed at the time I wondered IF they tested, but I don't see how they can realistically replicate use in a real practice.

I would rate a recommendation from a real life user far higher.

Do they take money for this accreditation?

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09th Mar 2008 01:08

If i was choosing between 2 simillar products i would definately go for the accredited product. I does carry some weight especially in today's increasingly competetive market

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08th Mar 2008 11:27

Yes - slightly
This sounds like one of those surveys where you have multiple choice answers on a scale of 5 ranging from 0, Definitely No, to 5, Definitely Yes. I would answer 3 or 4.

If one or a few products out of masses of them are "accredited" by any organisation, I tend to think they must be better than the others and would look at them first. That assumes that "accreditation" is not merely the supplier paying the organisation for advertising.

Of course, I would be more impressed by a recommendation from a colleague - perhaps through this website - but the problem with that is that a colleague is unlikely to recommend a particular product when he has no idea that you are looking for that sort of product in the first place. ICAEW (or HMRC, if you are offering tax software) accreditation has the merit of being displayed on your website and flyers for your product so that anyone looking for the product will see it.

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