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ICPA & Professional Indemnity Insurance

ICPA & Professional Indemnity Insurance

There was a previous posting by Colin Dunn without declaring his interest in ICPA as a Director. This was then replied to by another Director of ICPA in concert with the original posting. This was a deliberate and shameful act which a number of us spotted. The posting was then removed by presumably Accountingweb without the opportunity to put ICPA on the spot or to hear their defence.

I would therefore respectfully suggest that ICPA have to answer for this by way of a full apology and I think their future presence on Aweb should be considered. This would also act as a deterrent to others. Please do not move or delete this posting.



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By Anonymous
14th May 2009 10:07

A closing word from us
It has been requested that AccountingWEB ban the offending members or ask ICPA to make a formal and public apology. We are not in the business of banning people after making one mistake, this would result in us not having many members at all! It is up to you as members to decide how you feel about the ICPA, not for us to make that decision for you. If you feel they have discredited themselves, then don't deal with them if it means that much to you.

You obviously feel strongly about this one for a variety of reasons, and if the ICPA want to apologise, then that is to their discretion, we shall not be demanding an apology. I reiterate, members make mistakes on our forums and cross boundaries all the time, we have to use a little bit of nous here and be grown up about it.

As Gina said, let's draw a line under it, we will not longer be commenting further on this issue, please can we all move on from this now.

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13th May 2009 14:55

Quite amazing....................
......, Andrew, that you have managed to drag in a "qualified vs unqualified" element into this ; there are loads of posts on that elsewhere should you want to address that topic (I don't).

It is irrelevant to Aweb users whether any business or individual using subterfuge or deliberate misrepresentation on the site happens to be "qualified or unqualified".

Since it is clear that Messrs Dunn and Margaritelli do not wish to say sorry, and since Aweb have zapped the post, then folk can just reach conclusions and move on.

I agree with Gina's
"Since this issue has now been dealt with, we consider this the end of the matter and would appreciate it if members would now draw a line under this discussion and move on."

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By refs8
13th May 2009 13:20

Interesting debate..!

Personally found the ICPA excellent. Recommend them highly. PB is obviously not a fan perhaps another qualified scared of the competition.

I think again it is the old debate about qualifieds / non qualifieds that will go on forever!

If you do a good job then never an issue for me - incidentally non qualified in practice now for 20 years plus and happy with my lot!

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13th May 2009 12:17

Oh dear
I had planned to join the ICPA because their membership includes PI and office Insurances at a price that I feel is competitive.

But when I phoned them they seemed so unlike the image they project online and in print that I got cold feet.

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13th May 2009 10:21 response
We did remove the original post as we felt it was inappropriate that the poster did not declare their interest. reserves the right to remove posts which are unsuitable. In this case we did notify the posters and explained that Any Answers is not to be used in this way.

Since this issue has now been dealt with, we consider this the end of the matter and would appreciate it if members would now draw a line under this discussion and move on.

Gina Dyer
Deputy Editor

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13th May 2009 10:09

And what's worse
They print their membership certificates in landscape.
Hanging is too good for them, really.

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13th May 2009 09:19

To escape detetction, all Mr Dunn needed to do was post under a pseudonym. They don't sound very bright, do they?

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13th May 2009 09:19

I agree they should apologise or be excluded ... this shamless act has just put me off joining the ICPA which I was seriously considering!

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By pawncob
12th May 2009 20:56

Don't ask me
The removal is within the Aweb T's and C's. Perhaps you should ask the moderator.
Other forums allow commercial content, some police it better than others.

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