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Institute of Financial Accountants of UK was admitted as a Full member of THe global Accountancy Regulator IFAC on the 16th of November

IFA is on the right path as their next target is to achive UK FRC Recogition as a RQB/RSB and finally the Royal Charter or possible mergerĀ  with a Chartered Body



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By amaramb
16th Nov 2011 20:43

IFA-Recognition by IFAC

Well done IFA.

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16th Nov 2011 21:30

sorry,but would it be easier to become chartered in the first place ?

do they know anything about management accounts?

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By Old Greying Accountant
16th Nov 2011 21:35

Unfortunate name ...

... if you said IFA to most UK accountants they would think Independant Financial Advisor!

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16th Nov 2011 21:47

just to confuse matters.fsa is the food standards IFA = internantional food addicts?

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17th Nov 2011 07:14

Full IFAC membership
Well done IFA, so their aim to become chartered one day is getting more realistic day by day.
I can see a possible merger with either acca or acaew before that happens

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17th Nov 2011 08:21

isnt that like nasa being offerred a fireworks factory i.e. uk events are of no concern to acca when it is on a marco polo mission to conquer the world.anyway,dont think the members will vote for that.suggestion;mmeger with cpa in america.

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Well done

IFA is doing very well and their boss Mr. David has achieved what he aimed for. Best of Luck and a very happy Christmas you all.

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