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Incomplete Records Software? Any ideas?

Can anybody recommend any software suppliers/packages to assist in preparation of sole trader and partnership accounts from (very!) incomplete records? You know the old shoebox scenario . . . surely there's SOMETHING that could help to automate this process at least a little bit?


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Use SSAP, if you can get hold of a copy. It's 21 years old and runs under DOS (very fast!).

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Agree with TC
VT cash book is great. It's free and something that the dullest client could use all by themselves in future.

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Thanks TC . . . I'll give VT a look . . .

As for Excel spreadsheets . . . I have them coming out of my ears!

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VT Cashbook
try VT cashbook!.

You just enter from bank statements its basic (no debtors / creditors control accounts) but its free and easy to use

or use excel - pretty easy to set up a cashbook template.

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