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Incorrect P800T - savings income omitted

Incorrect P800T - savings income omitted

P800Ts received together for 08-9 and 09-10. Client income comprises pension, state pension, savings income. Savings income omitted from P800T for 08-9, for which year SA has been submitted. SA not required for 09-10, client now retired.

Effect is to overstate tax for 08-9, because 20% deducted at source, but 10% applies to savings income.

My question is how HMRC can fail to include savings income for 08-9, which was included on the SA, and which they know about anyway - otherwise how would it appear on P800T for 09-10.



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14th Dec 2010 11:45

How can we answer that?

Put your question to HMRC.

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By cbp99
14th Dec 2010 12:57


Of course my question will go to HMRC, but there may be someone on here with insight into HMRC's systems who could suggest an answer, which would certainly be quicker.

Perhaps my comment would have been better put as a request for other examples.


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By ACDWebb
14th Dec 2010 14:23

I believe it used to be the case that they were two separate sys

so the P800 rec would possibly have been done without reference to the SA return. At least that was what I was told about a year back when HMRC took one letter covering four years and answered it from two different offices each dealing with two of the years, and then said that as they had processed the corrections informally (and incorrectly as it turned out despite bet efforts) they had no details on the system to be able to correct the errors and we had to start all over again :(

Whether that is still the case following the updates to HMRC systems leading to

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