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Institute of Financial Accountants is moving forward

Institute of Financial Accountants is moving...

On 11 May 2009, the Institute of Financial Accountants have officially announced the take over of Federation of Tax Advisers; full details are available on their website at http://www.ifa.org.uk/newsDetails.asp?id=1389

Also they have rebranded the Institute’s logo, are launching a new examination syllabus/awareness campaign and has an event booked at House of Commons on 24 June 2009 to put forward ''IFA Vision 2009''.

Jamil Hussain AFA


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By Anonymous
17th May 2009 14:28

Your comments
Please keep your comments on topic and avoid personal abuse.

The first response was appropriate as this forum is to debate answers with fellow professionals and seek alternative opinions on a range of topics relevant to the professional accountant.

It is not designed to "make announcements" or for "press statements". These should be addressed to the Editor, who will publish a news item if the announcement is considered to be of sufficient interest to members. If the member had a genuine question about this topic he should have posted that, rather than using the forum to make an announcement.

I have not removed this thread so that my comments can be seen by members, but both the thread and one of the responses do not meet our terms and conditions of use. Fortunately other members do seem to have gained some benefit from it.

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15th May 2009 16:35

Compulsory CPD
Don't know about IFA, but FTA has compulsory CPD of 25 hours per annum of which 22 hours must be structured.

And a detailed return must be submitted each year. Which is more than I have to do for ICAEW!

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By Anonymous
15th May 2009 15:26

Will there be some sort of test of competance for members??

judging by the work I've picked up from IFA / FTA members over the years this is an area that needs addressing as standards just dont seem to happen.

on the other hand at least all the chaff are under one roof!!!!!

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15th May 2009 14:29

@ Richard
The proposed merger is subject to approval at the FTA's AGM on 3 June.

Assuming it goes ahead, the merger will see the FTA become part of the IFA with the idea being for it to become the IFA's 'Tax Faculty'.

The FTA brand, exam & qualification will continue.

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15th May 2009 14:11

Agree with you entirely, there are too many smart prats in these columns.

Dare I ask, have you got a lower case lock on your computer?

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15th May 2009 13:59

Cannot complete
The merger comes as no surprise as the Federation cannot complete with the Chartered Institute of Tax and their junior sister the Association of Tax Technicians.
Maybe the question should be -will the merger bring any benefit to the IFA ?

I am a Fellow Member of the IFA but a few years ago I put myself on their "retired " list as I did not benefit from the IFA's closer links with the ICAEW. I doubt that the IFA will benefit because they do not have an unique selling point and their own future is in doubt.

Also the the IFA must change its name for it to make progress as to most people the initials IFA mean an " Independent Financial Adviser " not an accountant.

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15th May 2009 13:37

I was just thinking about joing the FTA and taking in the exam in September. Does the takeover change anything?

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15th May 2009 13:32

smart prats
why are there so many smart prats posting comments on this website? if you don't have something good to say don't bother. some of us are interested in information.

oh and by the way post using your name, i dare you, if you have the b***s!!

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By Anonymous
15th May 2009 13:14

& your question is?
What question are you asking?

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