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International Tax

International Tax

Can anyone recommend a good international taxation reference book (or other source of information)? I used to use "International Tax Summaries" published by Coopers & Lybrand but this no longer seems to be available. I have tried to contact PWC but can get no sense or even a reply to my e-mails/phone calls. A brief digest by country of corporate and personal taxes, how they apply to non-residents (corporate and individual) and relief under double taxation agreements is what I am looking for. My existing book is for 1998 and therefore becoming increasingly out of date.
Katharine Elliott


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By admin
27th Jan 2000 15:15

Another website
There is another website you could try - - this has all of the information from Ernst & Young's international corporate tax, executive tax and immigration guides.

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By admin
27th Jan 2000 10:30

Use the Web
Have a look at associated pages. The library of client publications is available and there are summaries of many tax regimes under "Country Tax Facts" and "Taxation of International Executives". There are also international tax news pages. It might not be all you're looking for, but it's a good start.

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