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Invoicing programs that link to Sage?

A new hotel and restaurant has selected Sage Line 50 Accountant Version 9 for its accounting, and is not happy with the invoicing procedure.

They want to be able to enter the "selling price" of say accomodation, or bar drinks etc gross of VAT which is almost impossible.

The owners and staff are not particularly computer literate and so a simple program that would allow an import into Line 50 is all that is required - so nothing too complex please!
Chris Lloyd


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By ChrisDL
06th Dec 2002 11:04

Thank you!
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions - I thought I would add what I actually ended up doing for completeness and in case anyone finds it useful.

In the end the client found all options, including the four click one, too complicated. I have therefore reset all of the products to a selling price of £0.851063 (£1 net of VAT) and they are entering the gross selling price in the quantity box of a product invoice. Combined with a little editing in Report Designer to get the invoice format right it has worked so far.

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27th Nov 2002 08:20

It is a bit of a roundabout solution but an accounting product called Pastel has functionality that allows fast invoicing and the ability to define if items are inclusive or exclusive.Whilst Pastel is a full system in its own right there is nothing to stop you utilising it as a front end only system. These Invoices are produced in batches in a format that is easy to import into Sage. Although the hospitality company we set it up for had to watch out on the Sage import end that the Sage part did its job correctly. Yours Viv Burrows

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26th Nov 2002 17:00

Try Access
Maybe too complicated for your scenario but I have a client that uses ms access for the raising of sales invoices and then imports them into Sage using CSV on a regular basis.

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By neileg
26th Nov 2002 13:57

Sage already does this. You enter the gross value and press Ctrl-< or something similar and it nets the figure down. Is this not enough?

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By ChrisDL
26th Nov 2002 16:56

I should be so lucky.
Thanks Neil
I can't yet find a Ctrl shortcut that works in Invoicing (but I'm still checking) and the normal command F9 does not work in invoicing (though it does work in the edit invoice item line section)

The problem is that the client is only interested in pressing as few keys as possible and there is too much risk of human error from not pressing the shortcut and they are not prepared to accept this as the checking out time is very short and very hectic.

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