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IRIS / Digita Practice Management

IRIS / Digita Practice Management

Hi All,

In the next couple of days I need to make a decision as regards software going forward for a fairly small firm - around 50 accounts clients and double that in SATRs.  I've narrowed my list down to Digita and IRIS, and am just pondering the practice management offerings.

Looking at the Digita online videos, practice management seems pretty straightforward and very good in particular at mining data to define different client groups.

This compares favourable with my past experience (around 5 years ago, admittedly) with trying to use IRIS practice manager.  I suspect, though, that I simply gave up too easily on what some seem to consider an excellent piece of software.

I'd appreciate any comments, positive or otherwise, from users of these two pieces of software.

Thanks, as always, for your time and help,



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By bukkuz
25th May 2012 11:09

very interested too
I too am in exactly the same position with similar client numbers. i current use iris accounts prep, business tax and personal tax but am looking to take their pm module or change completely.

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to Richard Hattersley
26th May 2012 00:40

Iris PM
We have used Iris 15 years. Took on their PM 15 months ago. It took a while to customise it for use in our practice but I have to say it is excellent and has transformed our ability to control and monitor workflow and communications.

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to Richard Hattersley
09th Aug 2012 16:23

Hi, We our thinking of moving to Iris and have similar client No's. What kind of fee our you paying at the moment if you don't mind disclosing and how have the renewal fees increased.

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26th May 2012 03:51

Digita user here

I use Digita and I think the practice management software can do just about anything but you have to spend time sitting down to understand it and how to use it for your practice. I have seen a demonstration of Iris and I think it is easier to use out of the box but it is less flexible than Digita.

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