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Iris Exchequer


I work for a small company in New Zealand, selling world wide and therefore dealing with multi currency and multi tax authiorities - also we have two companies one in NZ and one in the UK

We are seriously looking at IRIS Exchequer - does anyone have any warnings / suggestions / reservations about this software

many thanks

Ian Tiesdell


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Thank you

Thank you for your reply. A stock based organisation

Given you are from NZ, I'm assuming you have already considered Sybiz?. Home market GST'd and done, multi currency all there, VAT all there for UK. We support in the UK. Of course Encore (here in the UK) and OK for NZ is very very very strong on all things to do with stock (SO, PO, back-to-back, multi level manufacture, multi everything - currency, warehouse, bins, slice\dice, etc,etc).

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1 out of 10
Exchequer's multi-company and multi-currency features are good. It does, however, take a good deal of planning when setting up. The downside is that the manuals are appalling, as are the help files and the program itself is completely counter-intuitive. I have been using this software for the last 3 years and I honestly wish my company would ditch it and get something else!!

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