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Is IRIS Accounts Office compatable with Windows 7?

Is IRIS Accounts Office compatable with Windows 7?

I have recently purchased IRIS Accounts Office but whilst speaking to IRIS' software support they said it is not compatable with Windows 7! The sales man told me it was. Software support seem unable to answer if it is or not (although from research it seems it is not) - this is a long shot, but does anyone know anyway round this?




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26th Mar 2010 09:46

They really should know

If software works on Windows Vista, then it really should work on Windows 7 - the two operating systems are not so different.  

It's most likely that, while it works fine, IRIS are not prepared to 'officially' sign-off on Windows 7 until they've completed a full-scale QA and regression test of their software (not a trivial undertaking).  Mind you, they're running a bit late - Windows 7 beta was released a fair old while ago now.

If IRIS really doesn't work with Vista or Windows 7 (which I find hard to believe - IRIS have the 'Works with Vista' badge from Microsoft on their site) then you could always use the 'Windows XP Mode' (a free download from Microsoft) which lets you run software inside a virtualised copy of Windows XP - It works very well.

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26th Mar 2010 10:23


Simply run Windows7 in compatability mode with it if it wont rrun.

I have yet to find anything that 7 wont run either normally, or, in compatability mode.

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03rd Apr 2010 17:15

Iris Accounts Office - Windows 7 incompatibility issue

Iris Accounts Office does not install on Windows 7, there is a compatibility issue with the 64bit model

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04th Apr 2010 11:40

i am sure there is a work around but how does a company like Iri

its miles behind many other software house technically  digita might be a good example?


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15th Apr 2010 14:44

64 bit


I used to use Exchequer on 64bit XP with the 64bit Pervasive Engine and it worked like a dream. I think that they also tested Vista 64bit ages ago so that should be good too. Therefore I don't think that the issue is about 64bit but you could always try running the set up utility in Windows Vista \ XP compatibility mode to see what happens and amending the short cuts it creates exactly the same.


 btw IRIS Accounts Office and Exchequer share a lot of technical similarities is where I was going with this.

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03rd Jun 2012 17:07

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30th May 2014 15:26

Iris Accounts Office

I have recently purchased a new computer with Windows 7 and have had Windows XP Mode installed within it.

Before I run the risk of disaster transferring IAO from my XP computer, has anyone successsfully installed IAO in XP Mode ands does it run OK, as Iris do not appear to recommend it as being fully successful.

Would appreciate some feedback




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