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Is there a QuickBooks add-in that automatically emails recurring invoices?

Is there a QuickBooks add-in that automatically...

Does anyone know of a QuickBooks add-in that automatically emails recurring invoices?  I know I can do it manually, but I am very lazy.

I have found a very cheap programme that will automatically email recurring invoices but it does not interface with QB, so I would have to set up everything twice.


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13th Apr 2011 19:22

Try the Intuit Marketplace

You might find that the Intuit Marketplace (of add ons for QuickBooks) has too much of a US bias, but maybe there is something for you in there:


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By chatman
13th Apr 2011 20:32

Thanks Adrian

Had never heard of it before. Will have a look now. 

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14th Apr 2011 13:55

No need for an add-in if you are using QuickBooks Online

Hello, the answer depends on the product that you are using. QuickBooks Online can automatically create and email recurring invoices. The desktop version of QuickBooks can automatically create recurring invoices , but they need to be emailed manually. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

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By chatman
14th Apr 2011 15:02

"No need for an add-in if you are using QuickBooks Online"
That is the problem with QuickBooks; it's deficiencies are always remedied in another version, and if you want it you have to pay again.

"OK VAT doesn't work very well but if you buy our new version we have got it right this time"
"OK we can't cope with UK dates but we will fix that in our next version (which you will need to pay for), and then get it wrong again in the next version"
"OK your version of QB cannot read files created by your client's newer version, but you can always buy the new version yourself"

God knows what problems QuickBooks Online has that will be remedied by paying more money to Intuit.

I will never pay Intuit any money ever again.

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21st Apr 2011 12:20

Problems not exclusive to QuickBooks

These problems are not exclusive to QuickBooks, Sage and most of the other desktop programs only do major fixes in new releases which you have to pay for.  At least with QuickBooks you don't have to pay an annual fee and can have as many businesses on one QuickBooks as you like, you don't have to pay for one license per business.

Online software has the advantage of avoiding buying upgrades, but you pay monthly ad infinitum for the privilege and you need one monthly subscription per business.  The software also tends to be less functional and slower to use.  From the point of view of an accountant trying to quickly amend and check the impact on Balance Sheet and P & L, bank reconciliations, etc I find QuickBooks much faster because online programs only have one window open, whereas QuickBooks has mulitiple windows open and they immediately refresh.

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By chatman
21st Apr 2011 13:36

QuickBooks not Compatible with QuickBooks

For me, the worst thing is that QuickBooks brings out new versions that are not backwards compatible with files from previous versions of QuickBooks, forcing you to upgrade if you want to be able to read clients' files.

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21st Apr 2011 14:22

Alternatives to QuickBooks?

So QuickBooks isn't popular with those who've posted here.

But I'd like to know what is considered a good desktop product at this end of the market (not SaaS or on-line)

Any comments for Mamut, TAS Books, or others


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By chatman
21st Apr 2011 14:51

Old Problems Reintroduced in Later Versions of QuickBooks

Surely it is unique to QuickBooks to resolve a problem in one version and then reintroduce it in another (eg the UK date formatting problem).

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21st Apr 2011 15:26

Its not just Quickbooks

Sage does exactly the same - I don't use Sage if I can help it (I find Quickbooks much, much better in terms of reporting, functionality and the fact that I can put as many companies on as I want to), but I keep having to buy the new version of Sage to open client files where they have updated.

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By chatman
21st Apr 2011 15:31

Alternative to QuickBooks

 VT Transaction+ is very highly recommended on AWeb. I use it, and prefer it to QuickBooks. It can't do what I am asking here, though (automatically emailing invoices).

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