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Is this Aweb site falling apart

Is this Aweb site falling apart

In view of the following

  • Loss of preview button on posting
  • Inability of CSS to work on home page without a wait (1st 4 picture items)
  • Posting questions - sometimes seem to not 'take' first time resulting in a second/third button press and multiple resulting identical questions. Simple to fix, just disable the post button once it has been pressed
  • Inability to handle anon in the correct manner - i.e. associate it with the underlying poster but just show anon to the screen
  • Overall speed
  • Often in the early morning the site just doesn't respond at all


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20th Jun 2010 22:09


it has its faults but works fine

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21st Jun 2010 09:03

Works fine for me.

Always find with forums that some users have problems and some don't ... always assumed it is a browser issue.

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By Luke
21st Jun 2010 10:38

I think it's fine

It does a good job of being a useful resource and is free - I'm happy.

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21st Jun 2010 12:05

No problem

I've never had a problem with the AWeb site being dysfunctional - only with the contributors! (Ha!ha! - that's a joke by the way!).

In fact, it works far too well and I spend too much time on it - I ned to join the AA - AWebers Anonymous - to cure my addiction.




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21st Jun 2010 13:31

I find it difficult to criticise a free resource!

I have no problems with speed, etc. as you describe.

As already posted, the main problems are caused by contributors, some of whom appear incapable of posting simple answers to simple, or otherwise, questions.  Some of the shortcomings that you mention have been imposed by AWEB as a curative for this problem, e.g. the 'Anon' facility is no longer available so problem solved!

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