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iXBRL and detailed P&L

iXBRL and detailed P&L

In times past, when filing paper CT600 and accounts, or when filing online by PDF, we have included the detailed P&L account.

Our software (Sage) will not (currently) generate the detailed P&L account as part of its iXBRL formatted accounts for submission as a CT600 attachment.  The final product goes through to HMRC OK, ie passes online validation, but will this come back to haunt us?

I realise that it is a case of all change again in 2013.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood.


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By thacca
14th Apr 2011 14:57

Tax Comp

I think sage taxation produces the detailed P&L as a schedule to the tax comp which I think is acceptable. I'm not a sage user or IXBRL expert however I think I have read that on this site somewhere.

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14th Apr 2011 15:07

there is as you say ...

... a facility to import from the accounts production package to the CT package.  We have never done that in the past because it just duplicates the information in the accounts attachment.  Instead we have just entered the statutory P&L account in the CT package and from there developed any figures requiring adjustments, which are only a very small proportion of the entries in the detailed P&L.

Does this mean we should be using the import feature from now on?

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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15th Apr 2011 09:54

Is a detailed P&L needed and does it have to be tagged ?

iXBRL does not alter any requirements to produce a detailed P&L.

The minimum tagging list (in place until 2013) does not mandate any specific items on the detailed P&L - and so it does not need to be tagged [ though some software already does :-)  ]. It is not clear whether items that are on the minimu taggin list (such as turnover) need to be tagged on the detailed P&L even if the rest of it is not tagged.

Nowhere in the legislation does it specifically mention a detailed P&L being required. You need to send the CT600 along with stat. accounts and sufficient "workings" to get from one to the other.

Normally these "workings" consist of a detailed P&L, adjusted profit comp, CAs and a liability comp. but you could supply these workings however you want. The detailed P&L is generally supplied as an appendix to the stat. accounts carrying the words (this is not part of the stat accounts or something similar).

If you do not supply a detailed P&L at all it will not cause a problem at the gateway, but when it is presented to a human at the tax office the old procedures still apply.


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15th Apr 2011 10:05

Response from Sage Accountants' Division Product Manager

Hi Clint

On 31st March, Sage launched iXBRL ready accounts production software. Based on HMRC guidance ( we chose not to include a detailed P&L as part of the iXBRL accounts. However, the detailed P&L can be produced in non-iXBRL accounts formats as a MS Word or pdf document.

Based on customer feedback, we have identified a specific need to include the detailed P&L in iXBRL accounts. This is to allow accountants to continue to work in a way that they are used to, and to address concerns relating to professional indemnity. We are currently validating this need and planning how long it will take to deliver a solution. We expect this planning to be complete in April and will provide an update as soon as we can. Regards Jon Martingale Product Manager, Accountants' Division, Email: [email protected]

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15th Apr 2011 14:42

solution to detailed p & l

I raised this issue with the sage corporation early in April. However, before they came back to me, I realised a very simple solution was to attach the detailed p & l as a pdf file. Little bit of extra work, but I have always sent accounts which include a detailed p & l account.

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19th Apr 2011 10:16

detailed P&L as a pdf

The HMRC say

Data within the detailed profit and loss account must be XBRL tagged if a corresponding tag is included within the minimum tagging list for the appropriate taxonomy.


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20th Apr 2011 20:30

dave forbes - i would say you are partly right

I have deleted my reply as it does not make any sense now, as Mr. Forbes has amended his posting.

In a nutshell, the detailed P & L can be sent as a pdf attachment which is separate to the accounts, tax comps and CT600. In this case the pdf attachment does not need to be tagged.


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