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iXBRL files wanted

iXBRL files wanted

VT Software will shortly be making VT Fact Viewer available as a free download. VT Fact Viewer displays the data and tags in any iXBRL file in a simple list. It thus enables the user to check that his accounts package has applied the correct tags. It also shows which items in the accounts have been tagged.

The software is complete but before releasing it I would like to test it with as many iXBRL files as possible. If anyone has a package that already produces iXBRL, could you be so kind as to email me a file to [email protected]

Both accounts and corporation tax iXBRL files would be useful. So far, I have been able to test the package with two samples provided by HMRC.

I have approached a competitor vendor directly, but perhaps understandably they absolutely refuse to give me a file!

Philip Hodgson
VT Software
[email protected]


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By Anonymous
23rd Apr 2010 14:19

LLP templates

we will gladly provide you with iXBRL files to test .... if you provide us with an LLP template fot VT Finall Accounts!

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23rd Apr 2010 14:28

LLP templates

We will be working LLP's as soon as XBRL is finished.

In the meantime, you can get one from http://www.bourneaccountancy.com/downloads/

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By Anonymous
23rd Apr 2010 14:52

Don't give VT a hard time

Those that use VT will be aware that it is a very good accounting package for small accountancy practices. I am fully aware that a LLP template would be very helpful, having last year i had to create one for my LLP acocunts, but i really do understand that VT can only do 1 thing at a time.

We all have 2 alternative's, both of which i would not like:

1) VT sells out to IRIS/sage, just like tax assistant did last year. This would only seek to increase the price.

2) VT brings in more programmers, etc to deal with multiple issues, and hence drive the price up.

At present VT, office a very good sole trrader/partnership and Ltd co package for a very reasonable price. Lets be honest and reaslise that the fast pace of tax and accountancy means that i suspect VT are working overtime to get all their updates in on time.

Unfortunately i don't have any IXBRL files as i would send them over. If you do have some, please send them over and help other small practices with the online filing deadlines.


DCCA Accountants.

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