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Job / Work Management Software

Job / Work Management Software


Can anyone advise on a good piece of software to manage/assign work flow and accoutns job/correspondence/payroll/Vat/Company Secretarial comes into the office to be carried out (as opposed to using a excel option) - The software would require several users but does not need to be time and fees based.



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By Jimess
03rd May 2012 20:35

New to it but......

have a look at BTC practice management solutions - it has a powerful database and a great task tracking system.  I have only just scratched the surface but I can already see so many ways in which it will help manage our workflow, create standard letters, produce returns etc.  Have only had it a couple of weeks and totally sold on it already.

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By irnbru
05th May 2012 08:31

Try BTC !

I have been using BTC Corp Tax & just decided I needed a practice management solution so like Jimess, I purchased BTC PM (I went for the cheaper PM Express version for now but you can easily upgrade).   So far I like it but haven't really spent too much time on it yet.   One important point to make, you get a 30 day free trial with BTC products, then when you purchase you get a further 60 day refund promise if you find it's not suitable for you!   What have you got to lose.

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