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July Statements of Account

We have just been notified by our Working Together coordinator that HMRC cannot issue statements in time for  payments due on 31 July. Unless their computer cannot count we cannot understand why they do not know how many statements they needed to issue for 31 July Payments on Account. Sounds like another lame excuse for another cock up. What happens about the unrepresented who rely on the reminder from HMRC - interest charges?

Part of the HMRC statement follows -

There have been problems as more statements than expected were selected for issue in June and as a result some of these have still not been issued.  The cases affected will have UTRs with the final two digits in the range 70 to 99. (Does this mean 30% of statements have not been issued?)

More information concerning this problem should be issued shortly.  In the meantime, please advise your clients to make payment by 31 July and not wait for a statement.


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In other words as,

has become the norm, we do the Revenue's work! And, this organisation thinks it is capable of making an accurate assessment of agents, in the future!

Unless and until someone grabs this organisation, preferably by the throat, it will remain, "unfit for purpose".

I suppose those in Westminster, who break up for the annual jamboree tomorrow, have had more than enough to cope with, over the last couple of weeks!

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download them


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@ Carnmores

The statements that you download from HMRC's website do not have the payslips on them.

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look again

check th earlier quesyion of today


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Yes, I know you can download a blank payslip, but then you still have to fill everything in.  HMRC need to get their house in order.

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With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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Yes, of course they can pay electronically

But what is the point in HMRC sending out payslips to arrive in August?

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Agree with taxhound.....
we can all suggest 'work arounds'....but that is not the point....statements are issued to allow the taxpayer the opportunity to pay. If the suggesion is get rid of them fine....but find an alternative system that gives details of how the client should pay, what they should pay and when (remember some people submit their own returns for the revenue to calculate the tax....should they employ a crystal ball in order to know what/when/how).

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Pay electronically

Quite a fair proportion of taxpayers who pay electronically do so at their bank for which they need a Giro payslip...........

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Payslip reference

The other useful thing about a payslip is that it gives the reference required for internet and every other form of payment.  Yes - I know we can tell the client that his reference is his UTR+K, but it takes up our time.

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Paying Electronically

I had a client on the phone yesterday about his payslip, last 2 digits are 76 so it stacks up. I emailed him the SA361 and the link to the various ways to pay.

then he emailed me back, said he'd tried to pay via his online banking and it wouldn't accept the bank details, so he would send me a cheque!



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This just in!

HMRC has been in touch this afternoon. Here is the text of the information I have been asked to pass to members:

"Due to a higher than anticipated number of SA statements to be issued this year we will not be able to issue paper self assessment tax statements to all customers during the normal July period for issue. The majority will have been sent on time."
"No-one needs to worry about this and we will be sending out the statements to remaining customers soon. People will have 30 days from receipt of the statement to pay. As long as they do that, no interest will follow.
On line customers will be able to check what's due over the internet and pay via the internet too."

"We are sorry if anyone experiences any inconvenience and we will let you have an update by the end of next week."

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