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Late Payment Penalties

Late Payment Penalties

So we now have our first batch of "Late Payment Penalties", a new slant and label on Surcharges.  Two things strike me instantly.  One that they round the penalty off to the nearest £ which seems pointless in a computer-driven system, but more significantly, where there was a de minimis limit of £50 for surcharges issued in the past this no longer seems to apply.  My lowest in the first batch is £41 - does anyone know of a figure here or does anyone have a lower figure than that?


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25th Apr 2012 12:54

not a clue

My lowest is £44, but I have noticed two late liabilities of £500 haven't been surcharged - yet.

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By Jimess
25th Apr 2012 14:16

Lowest I have is £36

The lowest I have is £36, but don't know of any de-minimus limit. 

I have just spent half an hour on the phone with HMRC where late filing daily penalties have been levied on a clients UTR that was not live in 2011.  Client went into IVA and new UTR issued but the first year it applies to is 2011/12.  In February client received £100 late filing penalty for 2011 return - which was cancelled. Today £380 penalty notice for daily penalties issued.  HMRC explanation - the two penalties were not linked when the £100 penalty was cancelled therefore the daily penalties are still showing as chargeable and the predictable advice that an e-mail would be sent to some anonymous department in an anonymous office somewhere in the ether to request cancellation.   I would have thought that cancellation of the £100 penalty would automatically knock out the dailies - but then HMRC are not good at joined up thinking are they?

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