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Leaving Iris

Leaving Iris

We have used Iris for the past decade and currently use AP, CT, PT, Co Sec and PM.  Whilst we are more than happy with the product and service the cost has reached a point where we must consider replacing Iris.  I would be interested in any suggestions of providers who can offer the same products on an intergrated basis.


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By Anonymous
26th Mar 2010 11:38

other providers

Sage (Avoid like the plague)






... hope that helps

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By bobhurn
26th Mar 2010 12:07

Thank you

Most helpful, there are a couple there that I hadn't thought of.  Anyone using any of these packages who would like to comment upon their experiences

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By mmladd
26th Mar 2010 12:09



Our Practise moved from iris to Keytime on 1st march 2010.

I will be happy to give you an overview.

Please call me on 01639 885038.


Malcolm ladd





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By Anonymous
26th Mar 2010 12:44

CCH & Sage

We have used CCH, we found it to be unstable and the problem was no resolved during the few years we persevered with it. We swapped to Sage, which is reliable, but the sales staff withheld information we really needed to make a fully informed decision.

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By Anonymous
26th Mar 2010 15:31

The reply immediately above this one sums up our view

Except we moved from Iris to Sage, but the Sage sales executive withheld information from us also ... specifically regarding prices.

The conversion of the data onto Sage was truly awful also.

Now we are with Sage, and have been for four years, we are planning to change from Sage Accounts Production to Sage Accounts Production Advanced, and are hoping that the conversion software between these two programs DOES WORK. We'll probably give the go ahead early next week, SO IF ANYONE HAS HORROR STORIES OF CONVERTING BETWEEN THE TWO SAGE ACCOUNTS PACKAGES PLEASE SAY SO NOW!!

We may subsequently look at Sage Practice Solutions, for despite the horror stories on here, we have spoken to users who think the software is excellent.

The only viable alternative, as far as we can see, is Digita, and the impression we get is that the company and their software are excellent, but their conversion software is quite a way less that perfect.

We could cope with the learning process of converting to new software, but not with a data conversion nightmare.

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26th Mar 2010 17:31

Keytime / Moneysoft

 I use Keytime for personal and corporation tax. Its fairly good and reasonably priced as these things go but I am sure there are better products out there if you put the time in to look.


Moneysoft payroll is stunning in all respects

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