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Leaving Sage

Leaving Sage

We are in the process of changing our tax and accounts software. We were using the Sage suite of programs for personal and business tax, accounts production and corporation tax. We have been told that under the terms of the licence agreement, once our licence period is up, we have no right to use the software on a "read only" basis to access our existing sage data. The helpful comment from Sage was "you should printout all the reports you need before the licence expires!!"

Has anyone else faced this problem - and is there a way around it?


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14th Feb 2011 10:43


We moved away from Sage last year. We already exported all data to pdf's as part of our normal routines as you never know when software is going to let you down. We put TB, General Ledger, draft acs and final accounts to pdf. Working papers were already in Excel. We put tax returns and all supporting schedules to pdf.

Our new software (VT & Taxcalc) did not have an import utility for Sage data, but we were delighted to discover that setting up clients in the new software took only moments. The time saved in daily use of this software more than made up for the time lost by transfer of data.

We have not regretted the move. We now save lots of time because the new software is so much more user friendly and efficient, and save lots of money as well.

We also don't get the hassle of VT & TaxCalc ringing us up and emailing every week trying to sell us something else! Unfortunately, Sage do still ring us up and email us. We wish they would get the message!

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By Marmite
14th Feb 2011 14:19

A gradual process....

We were also very disappointed to realise that we would be unable to access our info in Sage programs on cessation of our license. We have therefore spent the last years tax year gradually ensuring all printouts were PDF'd ready for the day we stick the proverbial two fingers Sage's way!


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14th Feb 2011 14:52

Leaving sage

Depends who you are going to, there is quite a few suppliers that have integration packages, we changed from CCH to absolute and the integration was free.

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14th Feb 2011 18:04

Bill them!

Shirley: "Unfortunately, Sage still ring us up and email us. We wish they would get the message!"

A friend of mine had BritGas calling him up constantly, every day. He told them he did not have an account with them and was on TPS but next day, same thing. After a week of it he started sending them invoices for his time, with explaination letters.  Still, it went on and he tried various phone calls to sort it out.  While the calls continued, BritGas called him about the invoices saying they would not pay per the terms of his contract (though he had no account/contract or anything).  He said put that in writing please...they did....and he wrote to the Ombudsman saying they were harrassing and would not pay the invoices.  As soon as the Ombudsman cam on the line, BritGas paid him £200 against the invoices. 

Maybe a similar type of approach with Sage, eh?


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14th Feb 2011 21:22

If you think Sage are bad, NEVER give your details to Mercia!
Mercia are a right royal pain the bum with their mailshots. I get four every time, to my original home address (left there 14 years ago), to my current home address, my previous office address and current office address. Emailing them solicits not even an acknowledgement. Phoning them gets a disinterested telephonist who takes a message but clearly doesn't pass the details onto the database administrator. I now send them back unopened - I've printed some return addresses on my printer as they don't put a return address on their envelopes. I'm only thankful they havn't got hold of my current phone number!!!!

Back to the OP's question, just do as suggested and take PDFs of all the reports you think you'll need. Yes, it takes time, but you won't believe the time you'll save by using better software. I was worried when I moved payroll to Moneysoft, tax to taxcalc and accounts to VT, but shouldn't have. Re payroll, I reconstructed the whole year payroll for about 40 clients and did the year end processing for the same time it would have taken just the year end, so it took me no longer to change to Moneysoft and have a parallel system for a year. Same with taxcalc and VT, it's hard to believe just how quick and simple they are when you've been accustomed to using the old dinosaur systems.

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