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Left AND right align

This has baffeled me for years...  Or maybe bafelled? 

Say I want to put a customer address in the top left of a Word document but I also want to put my address on the right (using the same lines).  Pretend I have run out of letterhead.

How do I do this?  Can it only be done by tabbing?


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You could use a table...

One row, two columns = two cells addresses in both. Left align one and right align the other.

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27th Apr 2012 15:37


Steve Kesby wrote:

One row, two columns = two cells addresses in both. Left align one and right align the other.


Hmmm, why didn't that occur to me...  My mind isn't working properly it seems!  Good idea :)

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27th Apr 2012 16:14

Or a text box

Might be easier to use a text box for your own address, as that's static data.  You can then type/paste the client's name in as normal.  With a table you'll probably  have to do each cell separately.

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27th Apr 2012 16:57

Both good!

I wasn't 'thinking outside the (text) box' clearly!

It is purely because I sometimes have to write a letter for a client, which needs their address on it too.  It's a rare occurrance, but one that I always had issues with.

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27th Apr 2012 21:17


I still don't see why you need both addresses side by side.

I print a name and address on the envelope.


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28th Apr 2012 06:42

From recollection, if you start with left align, type, then hover your cursor at right margin, an additional right align section comes up?

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28th Apr 2012 08:59

Simplest method?

Why not just do as you suggest in the opening question - use a right tab stop?

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Am I missing something?

When I want to do this I use the header as it is divided into 3 sections

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28th Apr 2012 21:34

Text boxes

every time.  For instance I always put the addresse's name and address in a text box so that it can easily be adjusted to fit the window in an envelope.  Similarly any text that requires positioning can be similarly treated.

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