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List of clients from HMRC website

List of clients from HMRC website

As the SA deadline is nearing, we are trying to ascertain the number of clients whose returns are outstanding. In the past year, although this was an issue, the penalties were capped at £200 and if there were no tax liabilities, it would be reduced to Nil. However with the NEW penalty regime, even if there is no liability or a tax refund due, the penalties would still be applied - starting from £100 going up to £1600.

We are trying to see whether it is possible to download a list of clients from the HMRC website, whose 2011 ITRs have been issued but not yet submitted? Although we can download list of clients under each tax category, we could not find a way to view/download on this basis. If anybody has been able to do so, could you please share the steps we need to go through?

This is due to the fact that it would be quite time consuming to go through each client on the website, as there is a large number of clients records to go through. HMRC has informed us that it may be possible to write to SA/PAYE office Liverpool but could not confirm if it will be provided or when? Has anyone any experience of this?



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03rd Jan 2012 13:44


Having just instructed my assistant to go waste several hours checking every client off to to either confirm o/s or filed I would love to know too!

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03rd Jan 2012 14:25

Tax software

Do you use any tax software that indicates submitted tax returns?

You would then have less clients to look into.

For example, my Digita software can run a report of tax returns submitted for a certain year. I could then go through every client on the HMRC list excluding those on the Digita report.


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03rd Jan 2012 15:26


I can run a report of what taxcalc THINKS has been sent (which we work off all year) but that's not to say its what HMRC things it has received.  I also have an excel sheet which tracks progress from waiting/wip/signature/sent but none of it is bullet proof.  We do this check every year (it also highlights clients who have gone *poof* from HMRC's list) and we almost always pick up something or other we didn't think was the case. It would be easier if we could just download the ones that are o/s.

It also picks up ones where clients have done their own so we can take them off the list.

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By PaulFSZ
03rd Jan 2012 16:37

Probably WT group can help

We use SA2000 but we have not tried to get such reports so far, although there may be a facility. However the best solution would be if such a list could be downloaded from the website. It would be quite helpful if Working together could review this in their discussion with HMRC to see if this can be facilitated.

Thanks for your comments.

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03rd Jan 2012 19:07

3rd part software

Maybe 3rd party software could interrogate the HMRC data online to produce useful reports like this.


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By rainbow
03rd Jan 2012 19:21

Returns list.

You should use PTP.   You can get lists of virtually everything regarding your clients and their returns.   I regularly get a list of clients with their UTR and listing the dates each return was submitted.   I also keep my own list of Excel 'just in case'.  Sadly the original posting suggests they did nothing - no doubt someone's head will roll (or should do).

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03rd Jan 2012 19:55



I do the same as you but I think the OP wants to know what HMRC think has been submitted.

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By PaulFSZ
03rd Jan 2012 22:31

Many returns not submitted by us
Rainbow, Peter is right; we need to know which returns have been submitted, as per HMRC records, not as per our records. The reason is that we have found several clients, although we are still acting for them, have submitted the returns themselves. Many of these are clients whose affairs are straightforward. Some of them have done little or no work during the year, and therefore not bothered to contact us at all. We have also been unable to contact some others who may/not have submitted their returns. We do have a manual excel listing, but this will take a while to go through them all. Many thanks.

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03rd Jan 2012 23:15

Already Suggested to HMRC

Surely it can't be too difficult to add an extra column on the HMRC client list showing Y or N.


A quick glance would tell us who's left to do.


I suggested this several years ago, but alas we have made zilch progress.


PAYE online - We can't check which months payments have been recieved.


VAT - We can't see a simple statement re clients payments record.


Need i go on.

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to davidwinch
04th Jan 2012 11:37

they don't want you to know

It appears to be HMRC policy not to tell you what has been paid for PAYE or VAT.  For the life of me I don't understand why.  So many issues could be resolved really quickly.


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