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List of tax offices

Hi there.

A few years ago (2009 or so I guess) I downloaded an Excel version of the various tax offices with the addresses, telephone numbers, etc. I know I'm going to get slated for this :) .... but I haven't ever updated it. Still using the old list and I know there have been lots of changes since then.

I have scoured the HMRC website but can't find it.

Does anyone know where I can get the list?




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I believe that the list no longer exists as HMRC are now using only 3-4 offices as sorting offices so all post goes to these offices & is then sorted & forwarded to the office dealing with your client.

You can find the address(es) on HMRC site under "contact us"


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This Should Help

The ICAEW tax faculty (more useful than anything my ACCA subs pay for) have produced this useful helpsheet:

Page 4 covers the postal addresses (all two of 'em!)


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Infocard has a list of tax offices on the back, but not many there now.  I see that N Wales, in fact all of Wales, is dealt with by one Cardiff office, Suffolk by Glasgow, Norfolk by Portsmouth, etc. etc. Crazy world !

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Thanks for the direction, no wonder I couldn't find it!

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