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Looking for Charity accounts templates/disclosure checklist

I need to find a template/guide and checklist for very small charity accounts. The charity is a company limited by guarantee with very low turnover (below the various thresholds for audit/accountant reports etc.)
Client is not keen for me to outsource and does not want to move to another accountant. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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Templates to produce charity accounts
May I suggest that you look at our web site
We publish charity templates to add on to VT Software accounts production. Our templates are low cost, but you need VT to run them

Our charity templates are SORP2005 compliant

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Charity commission
The Charity Commission has guidance on preparing charity accounts.

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Ch Com
Just go to Charity Commission website, it is all there

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Fundraising or Business Plan Templates

Good morning all from where I live! Please can anyone tell me where I can get free downs of the above?

Many thanks.


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..sorry free download of the above.

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