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MAC vs Windows

I was wondering there are very few accounting softwares for mac. Do most of you use windows or mac or both?


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I use Windows and always will.

Emma // cheap accountant

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Mac User here (most of the time)

I have been a Mac user for many years and have no intention on changing.

Unfortunately there is very little practice software available for the mac so I run windows XP (on my Mac) for the various bits of Windows software that I need.

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a Mac when it's raining, but I open Windows when it's hot.

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Use search facility ..

This topic has been aired many times - see the latest


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MS Win 7

Fashionable though it is to slag off MS products. Win 7 does the job for me. Viruses, crashes etc. have never been a problem in the two years or so I've run it.

Most tech critic reviews that I've read give either a slight edge to OSX or a slight edge to Win 7. Point being it's close. As you'd expect in a super competitive billion dollar industry between giant companies.

2 evenly matched OS'. One lacks practice software, one does not. Easy choice for me.

These threads do have a tendency to resemble the Sega vs Nintendo arguments I used to have at school though......




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Technically speaking

I think technically betamax is a better system than VHS.


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