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I am trying to put together a mailshot which will let newly registered companies know who and where we are, together with the services we offer. My initial plan is to target newly registered companies in a given postcode. Please can you ket me know how you have got on in the past and anything else which you feel that I could do in order to enhance my results?

Many thanks in advance.


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19th May 2010 09:46


i would have thought that most people would get an accountant to register their company, and use the accountants address as the registered office. Therefore most of the mailshots you send out would get sent to the accountants and end up in the bin!

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By Anonymous
19th May 2010 10:48

Not true Matty

It never ceases to amaze me how many new clients have set their own company up without taking advice, but it happens.

We subscribe to Thomson new connections, which is not only companies but s/t & p'ships too.  Relatively successful response, certainly pays for itself within the year.

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By Anonymous
19th May 2010 11:02

Newly registered companies

That's great to hear. What have you found are the important elements of the mailshot?

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By occca
19th May 2010 17:00


Anyone that uses this service can you PM me as we get a referrals fee


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