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Marketing again

Marketing again

I've seen some nice looking tax cards for 2013/14. Clearly I like these as I can see how useful they could be (as an accountant though...) and I think they look really professional.

Sole practicioners -  have you used these before, were they effective, did your clients appreciate them Did you use them at networking groups, do you think that people ever used them?

Many thanks


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04th Feb 2013 14:03

I used to send out 200+ a year for many years but stopped sending them 2 years ago. Not one client has asked me why they haven't had one. That tells the story. I have saved £500 a year in printing and postage.

All the information is available within a few hours on my own and many other websites so sending tax cards (however attractive) is a waste of time and money I think.


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04th Feb 2013 14:14

Same as @essex accountant

I stopped sending them about 5-6 years ago, and nobody commented.

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04th Feb 2013 14:43

Agree with the others

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04th Feb 2013 14:54

Ditto but how about Apps?

I've even had clients give me tax cards & budget reports sent by other accountants, they say they don't want them but they might be useful to me!

In the past I've paid for budget reports & tax data for the website, it's cheap but this year I'll probably not bother, just give them links to the best free content (eg HMRC). 

Also some good apps about, I tried out Taxbriefs and was impressed, think they are free or you can pay to have them branded for your practice.  Much more impressive than some pulped, flattened & glossed tree.

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04th Feb 2013 17:33

You can give your clients what you like ....

but they only thing they will use is your telephone number!

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