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Does anyone have a list price for a Mercedes E320 CDi Elegance Automatic at 18 October 2001 ?

Really struggling to find this one .....


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02nd Jul 2010 13:00

See previous post for link to Parkers

Having had a look myself, the list price is just short of £31,000, but check for yourself using the original car info.


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02nd Jul 2010 13:32


Thanks, that's been a big help.


The scale benefit is almost twice the price he paid for the car!

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02nd Jul 2010 14:28


Scale price = 2x cost

Often the way with an older vehicle.  You really have to question whether it's worth buying any car through the business - particularly older 'prestige' cars as CO2 ratings are often high too - pushing the chargeable benefit up.

Have you also factored in a possible fuel benefit and/or the effect of the additional taxable income on the use of their basic rate band?

Best to get shot of it or sell it to the user at a market value and let them claim mileage allowances (assuming this is possible / relevant).

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