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Microsoft word crash ?

When I try to open Word it crashes and asks if i want to send an error report - sending an error report doesn't get me anywhere, I have also tried to go on line for assistence with out any luck. Can anyone help me please ?


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Try safe mode
If aforementioned advice fails, and you need to undo a recently changed setting, you could also try starting word in 'safe mode' - the following article describes how this can be achieved:

Good luck! Richard

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Sometimes becomes corrupt and causes word to crash.
Close word.
Search your C and D drives for using windows explorer.
Delete all copies of and also the tilde versions of these (the wavy line).
Then restart word. Word will automatically create a new
It's also worth checking that word hasn't disabled any items by choosing [Help][About Micorsoft Word {Disabled Items] and re-enabling anything that isn't an obvious virus.

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Locate using Windows search as it may be corrupted.

It will probably be in

c: / Documents and settings / / Application Data / Microsoft / Templates

With Word closed, rename it normal.bak. will automatically recreate itself when Word is opened.

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Word Crash
hi Simon
The version is Word 2000

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What version of Word?
Reinstall it, or run the repair program.

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Error Report

The error report goes to Microsoft.. It tells them what has happened and helps them to figure out if there is a bug in the program. They do not provide feedback or assistance on these error reports. I have error reporting turned off so that I don't get annoyed by this pop-up everytime a program crashes. My advice is don't bother sending a report.

As regards your error. It sound like there is something wrong. If you phoned a mechanic and told him that your car "wasn't working" would you expect a definitive answer and solution? When Word crashed, you will get an error message telling you what went wrong. You may not understand the message, but try googling the message. Chances are someone else has had that message and solution can be found.

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