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Minister of religion

I have one client who needs the minister of religion pages.  Because of certain boxes that are or are not completed on those pages, the system does not allow the return to be submitted online.  I am certain I remember from the distant past that the paper deadline for those where the system does not allow online submission moves from 31 October to 31 January.  Am I going mad?  Is this a figment of my imagination?  A call to HMRC just got the usual stock answer, that no, ALL paper returns have to be in by 31 October regardles,, for there to be no penalty.

Can anyone help? Please?


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If you use commercial

software you should be able to file on line

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No I can't.  I have decent

No I can't.  I have decent software and the other Minister I have goes with no problem, but this one has certain boxes at certain values which stops it going and the software advises it therefore needs to go in on paper.  Are there other classes of taxpayer that have no choice but to go in on paper and therefore their deadline is 31 January, do you know?  I just need something I can quote at HMRC when the inevitable peanlty arrives on the client's doorstep. 


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We have

a retired judge as a client and can still only file using paper. Have you tried calling the Electronic Business Unit (08456055999)

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Tried calling them today on another isue re their unusable authorisation code for a CT issue.  They were as useful as a chocolate teapot unfortunately, but it may be worth a try, thanks.

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HMRC exclusions

There are some Minister returns that can't be filed electronically. If you hunt you can find the exclusions on the HMRC website.

We reproduce them on our website at

Numbers 7 and 8 on the exclusion list might be relevant as is the first paragraph about filing these particular ones on paper.

David Forbes



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If you don't like chocolate teapots

try using the agent account manager Set up the HMRC AAM service

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Thanks David, just what I was after.

And thanks again Innkeeper.  Used to have the AAM service set up at my old firm but haven't done it here yet.  Will get it sorted for future problems.

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I would be interested

to know the answer !!!

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I forgot to mention

if filing is only allowed by paper no penalty will b e issued. At least that bit has been set up properly !

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Unfortunately I think the penalty will still be issued and then you need to file a reasonable excuse stating it is an exclusion case and the penalty will be cancelled. Perhaps if you attach a covering letter with the paper form it might be circumvented.

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With respect to Dave

with our retired judge we just file using paper and have never had to submit a 'reasonable excuse ' claim

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