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MLR & Copy passport in Arabic

I have a one page copy of a passport in Arabic. The copy has been certified (again in Arabic, by the Mayor of Agadir) and bears a colorful stamp (much like a postage stamp) that in turn has been rubberstamped.

I understand that this is a copy of the relevant page of my client's passport - but I am not able to verify this. All the writing is in Arabic. I have not seen the original.

I have never met my client. He lives and works in Morocco.

Is there a pro-forma Moroccan passport against which I can compare this copy?
Grumpy Old Wit


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Thank you. The best answers are always the most simple.

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Check with the embassy

Why not check with the Moroccan Embassy in London at 49 Queen’s Gate Garden, London, SW7 5NE.

Tel: 020 7581 5001/4

Fax: 020 7225 3862

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