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MONEYSOFT P35 Approval

MONEYSOFT P35 Approval

 Does any one know of a way to e-mail a Moneysoft P35 to clients for electronic approval?  

I know Moneysoft allows a PDF documents to be created and attached  to a e-mail.  This allows the clients to print, sign, date and return the document to acknowledge the approval.

Ideally I want to easily e-mail a p35 to a client in the body of the e-mail for them to type I AGREE in reply to acknowledge the the P35 for e-filing.

Easily obtaining electronic filing authorisations via e-mail from clients, seems to be the one thing this fantastic piece of software is lacking. 


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15th Apr 2011 13:45

Andy Joss

Although I've filed my clients PAYE Returns online for several years, this year I decided to get each one to sign a 'standing' authority agreeing that I can lodge the P35s without specific permission each year.

I did the same for VAT online last year.

In that way, I have advance permission from clients to file anything online without contacting them again and again


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15th Apr 2011 13:54

Is it really safe to assume authority like this?

For both payrolls and VAT returns I think it most unwise to get a "standing" authority, as each period is different and you are, after all, relying on the client to keep you up to date.

I suspect HMRC would be very dubious about such an arrangement.

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15th Apr 2011 14:32

Standing authority
I would be very nervous about assuming a client has approved a piece of my work that they haven't seen.

I think the OP makes a valid point. I e-mail pdfs to the client. I don't require them to print, sign and return but to sent me back a one line e-mail saying go ahead and file (or conversely inviting me to comment on something that requires clarification before they do).

As an aside, if there is a problem with just a few it is usually because they mistakenly believe their net pay is their gross leading to an underpayment of PAYE.

Kind regards

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By happy
15th Apr 2011 19:16

Use EchoSign

I email a PDF and also send a copy for the client to sign online using EchoSign.

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18th Apr 2011 14:26

Andy Joss

I'm wasn't meaning to spark off a string of comments.

All my clients are 'small' businesses and as with many other agents I'm sure, stuff comes into me so late, there is no time to do the work, get a copy to a client by email or post, get agreement back and file the information before the deadline.

Getting clients to sign standing mandates/discalimers I feel is better than having clients miss deadlines and all the hassle that entails.




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