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Moneysoft payroll question

Moneysoft payroll question

Does anyone know if its possible to run a report that spans over 2 years?  For example I am doing a set of accounts up to 31 October and Ive had to run one report for 06/04/2012 - 31/10/2012 and then open up the archived file to run 01/11/2011 - 05/04/2012?

Is there a quicker way or is it restricted to this way because of the program actually using different files for each tax year?


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04th Jan 2013 12:54

i dont think so

dump the annual summaries into excel and delete the ones you dont need is my approach

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By refs8
04th Jan 2013 12:56


Try the date range buttons 

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04th Jan 2013 13:35


refs8 wrote:

Try the date range buttons 


What exactly do you suggest I try with the date range button that only brings up one whole tax year?

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04th Jan 2013 14:55


Each Tax year is stored in a separate data file ... so you can't report across tax year as far as I know - but ring their support line they are usually very good

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04th Jan 2013 15:15

How to use 'Date Range' and export to Excel

As others have mentioned, it is not possible to produce one single report that spans 2 tax years. However you could produce 2 reports (specified by date range), and then export each to an excel spreadsheet.

e.g. if you need a 'Pay Totals' report from January 2012-December 2012 you would do the following:

1)Open the data file for 2011-12 and click 'Analysis-Pay Totals'

2) Click on the 'Date Range' button at the top of the report, then click-and-drag from January to March to highlight these months.

3)Click the 'copy to clipboard' button

4)Paste from the clipboard to into excel (e.g. CTRL-V)

5)Then open the 2012-12 payroll file, and repeat, this time choosing the date range April-December, before pasting to excel.


Please call us on 08456 444 555 if you need further help. 

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