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We are moving our practice and we need to know who we should write to at the Revenue to update our agent details. Will they change it all if we send them our agent codes?
Simon Lewis


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By janelm
06th Nov 2007 15:50

Write to your Agent Maintainer...
I was told to write to my "Agent Maintainer" for personal tax and PAYE, and list (together with my agent refs) my clients. I copy/pasted off my Inland Revenue online screens and have less than 50 clients so gave full references for all of them - not sure how necessary this is. (NB They said my Agent Maintainer was in Yarmouth, which seemed unrelated to anything else to do with tax).

It seems to be slowly filtering through, and although some correspondence is still being forwarded, when i phoned up, they said they have the new address on file, though it can take up to 12 weeks for this to filter everywhere it needs to at the IR.

I think they said to write to my CT office for CT clients....I only have a few so will get around to this shortly. Good luck.

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By Anonymous
06th Nov 2007 16:42

Agent maintainer
I agree having done it myself not long ago.

I had a very hard job to actually get a number for the agent maintainer but once done they were very good at amending all addresses - I didnt have to do any myself.

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07th Nov 2007 13:00

Number please

Could anyone give me a phone number for Mr Agent Maintainer

Many thanks

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By refs8
21st Sep 2010 23:29

Agent Maintainer

Yes please any telephone number thanks ?

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