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Multi-currency Ledger

Multi-currency Ledger

 Is there a simple "off the shelf" accounting package which caters for a multi-currency general ledger with revaluations? Most packages cover multi-currency in Cashbook, Debtors and Creditors only. For finance/investment companies with investments/loans on their balance sheet this is not ideal. VT Transactions comes close, but does not retain the original FX details in the posted journal - so comparative figures change. Also drill down and reporting on original FX transaction is not possible or weak. Any suggestions?   


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18th Aug 2010 02:30


You could look at xero ( which is an online only package - the high end package handles multi currency and revaluations as it calculates the values from the majority of currencies on a daily basis. As I haven't used this feature I don't know where it posts these differences to (although I suspect there's a revaluation account somerwhere). It's not the best accounting package around but may help if you have lots of currencies to look after. If you are unsure of anything, their support team is very quick to respond to emailed enquiries.

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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 18:50

ClearSEAs accounting software

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