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Multiple sage licences

I have always been a Quickbooks fan but more and more new clients are insisting on using Sage. I already have 3 separate licences, but at £460 a time for a basic Sage 50 licence, surely there must be a more efficient way of purchasing the software. What do others do?


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It won't help with Sage Nellie,

Backup and restore is one option but I'm suggesting that there are alternatives to Sage which may offer better deals for accountants and their clients.


Roger Neale
Business Systems Consultant

You can contact me on 07791 983 567

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And how exactly is that supposed to help.....
with AJC's Sage clients?

I agree with Lee and would suggest the back-up and restore option.

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Run 100 Companies in one system with Diamond Discovery

Even at the Prelude startup level at £75 you can run up to 100 sets of accounts in one system and it's possible to install multiple systems on one computer.


Roger Neale

Contact me directly on 07791 983 567

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What do you think of Sages policy of annual versions? They create a new one each year and the format is not backwards compatible. This means we have to keep all the previous versions so that we can help clients. I do not understand why they do it?

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Backup and restore
Why waste money paying for multiple licences when all you have to do is restore the company you want to work on? Yes you need to back up the existing file first before you restore a different company but don't you do that anyway as a matter of course? (And if you don't then you really should) I've been doing it this way since I started and have several clients on year ends but also some on monthly and weekly. Works absolutely fine and I'm not pouring money into Sage's pockets!

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increasing sage companies
Dear AJC Whenever we need to increase our SAGE coverage we contact sales team and ask for an additional company user option. This costs c.£150 per time and if, you have an account with them the sales person gives you a new SAGE user ref and once entered a new company is available.That said we first had to by the Line 50 Financial controller option. I would have thought that this option was still available

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Call Sage....
and ask them!

We have just bought Sage 50 (they seem to have dropped the "line") for 25 companies, 6 users, £550.

We did not join the accountants club.

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Two options
1. Have only the one license and move the ACCDATA folder in and out for each client in order to work on it. You can do this in Windows Explorer or by judicious use of backups and restores. This is OK for annual accounts, but a bit tedious if you are doing monthly book-keeping.

2. Buy the Client Manager version (50 clients, 2 users) which is available to members of the Sage Accountants Club (or certainly used to be). Effectively, the cost is about 2 licenses for one year, but once you have bought it, you can cease membership of the Accountants Club and just pay for annual support/upgrades on the software if you wish.

We used to do the former with umpteen previous versions of Line 50, but we have done the latter from V11 onwards.

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