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National Insurance Number

National Insurance Number

Is there anyway to check if a NI no is correct/valid/kosher?


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By occca
29th Mar 2012 19:18

in what circumstances?

Are you asking as an employer?  If so then you will need a P45/P46 from employee and HMRC will correct it if it's wrong when these are submitted


If it's for a client - send in 64-8 with all the details on.  You can then check UTR and call HMRC to check NI number


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By ACDWebb
30th Mar 2012 08:18

There is a set of rules

but it is not apparently as straightforward as the UTR checker.

The format is obviously 2 letters followed by 6 numbers and then either A, B, C, or D

The characters D, F, I, Q, U and V are not used as either the first or second letter of a NINO prefix

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30th Mar 2012 09:05

Speaking as

someone who, as far as I know, STILL (despite letters and 'phone calls) has 2 NI numbers (my main one, the one I've always used and which is on my card, was being used by someone else last time I checked), I don't think HMRC have a clue.

I assume given my NI number is getting twice the contributions I can retire early?

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05th Apr 2012 10:22

Double numbers

Yes, in my long experience as an accountant, I've come across a few clients who have had two NI numbers or two UTR numbers!

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05th Apr 2012 13:22

NI number cock up

Because HMRC have lots of people with the same number....meant we all had to be issued with new UTR's instead of using the existing N I numbers which were not always unique.

That's the civil service for you !

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By ruben
06th Apr 2012 17:05

National insurance

Thanks to all who replied

My client is not too happy about asking his employees for copies of birth certificates,passport & driving licence to prove that they are legally entitled to work in the UK

My post was intended to see if there was a way to check an NI to see if it was valid and therefore entitled the employee to work in the UK

It seems that my client has to ask for the information 

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By ruben
06th Apr 2012 17:18

National insurance number

Thanks to all who replied

My query concerned a client who was not too keen about asking his employees to prove that they were entitled to work in the UK ie copies of passport,birth certificate and driving licence

I therefore wondered if it was possible to check the NI no that I hold against personal details ie to prove that because the NI no is correct the holder is entitled to work in the UK

It appears that this "shortcut" is not acceptable


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