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New Accounting software?

Can anyone recommend a good, reliable accounting package (for year end accounts, tax etc) other than Iris or Sage?

I'm using Iris at the moment which I love but to be honest the cost is just getting a bit much so am looking for something cheaper.


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Depends on your budget

If its cheap and cheerful I'd highly recommend VT - I use it myself.

Another option which costs more is PTP - it has a few more bells and whistles than VT and is more like Iris/Sage.

VT intially seems a bit basic when coming to it from something like Sage or Iris but it really does do the job and very well.

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and for tax...

Forgot to add - TaxCalc for tax. Its very easy to use, support is great and pricing is competive. I have had no problems with it at all.

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Are VT and PTP intergrated like Iris is (ie does the accounts figures automatically tfr to the tax returns?) or am I expecting a bit too much for a cheaper version?!

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Not directly but..

VT and Taxcalc are not directly integrated but you can copy paste the accounts data into Taxcalc from VT to save retyping.

I agree with the previous post are both very good products.


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VT integrates with most tax packages - including taxcalc. I use both myself.

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Another vote fot VT

Cheap, easy to use and unlimited companies

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I have used Iris, PTP and VT.

Iris is good but as you say expensive.

PTP is integrated.  Works OK but can be a little clumsy.

VT is great for a cheap product but I didn't like the lack of integration.

I now use Digita.  Fully integrated and very easy to use.  First year can be close in cost to Iris but year 2 and on is around 40-50% cheaper.

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Not as cheap as VT, almost certainly, but has a lot of useful features.

You can import directly from a huge number of accounting packages.  You can use the client's account codes.  You can export a list of adjustments that can be read directly into Sage and other packages to bring the client's records into line with the statutory accounts.  It has great facilities for completely paperless assignments.

And the quality of the printed output is streets ahead of anything that I've seen from VT accounts.  That may or may not be important.

We changed from Viztopia about three years ago, and wouldn't consider going back.

The best system that I've seen, and I've looked at quite a few over the years.

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A couple of questions re Caseware



Does Caseware file accounts directly with CH and what is the cost (I hate the fact that most companies do not show the costs on their websites and really don't want to go through the Merry-go-round of talking everything through with salesmen.

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Has anyone used Keytime? I have looked at the brochure & got a demo copy. It is fully integrated & not too expensive. Does anyone have any experience of using it?

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Move to new package

Hi, I'm following this thread with interest as we are looking for a change. Currently use PTP accounts, SA and CT, works fine but my last two occasions I found Support a bit Iris like, they of course now owned by Iris. We currently use Iris payroll for our clients. An associate of ours is in a similar position.

Also looking at a possible change for Sage as we have 20 or so book-keeping clients and it's getting expensive. I've d/l'd VT trans + but until Jan is out of the way don't have time to 'play'. Also Taxclac as I understand there is a way to effectively 'intergrate' the data.




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 I have been using the Keytime tax package for a number of years. The user interface is not perfect but I have no problems with the results and you soon get used to the little foibles. I moved over from Iris and have found no problems. I use it in conjunction with VT accounts and data transfers easily. The only problem I have with VT as an accounts package is that it will not cope with LLP accounts.

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We tried Keytime

Yes we tried Keytime.

I had several teething problems which to me seemed like the products hadnt been fully developed. A few niggles were fine, but it became tedious and repeated promises just werent kept. I also found the software cumbersome compared to others we have used.

Cant fault the staff or support it was great - the product sadly doesnt do them justice.

I think for the money their are better products which work very well and now use VT and TaxCalc. Both are fantastic products they work very well.

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Alternatives to Iris and Sage

I've had VT's final accounts package for some time and it's really very easy to use and does all I need.

For filing online of self assessment and corporation tax I use BTCSoftware which is excellent and links well to VT. Effectively this gives me an integrated solution at a fraction of what it would cost from people like Iris.

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Hi "Anonymous"

We would love for you to take the opportunity to download a demo copy of TaxCalc 2009 by going to  If you subsequently purchase the software all your data is retained and you can then file on line.  TaxCalc 2009 includes a free 1000+ share database and also free filing and support. 

Our sales team, who along with our support team are available from 9.30am to 8pm, can assist on 0845 5190 883 should you have any queries.

Thank you to everyone for the positive comments.

Anne Porter

Brand Director


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recently signed up with Digita..............

.and no regrets so far.

Product is excellent.

Support is fantastice ( and I need good support!)

I have been considering my options for the last 2 years and finally chose Digita above the rest. Not the cheapest but I believe they are the best.

<a href="">Hampshire Accountants</a>

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Ray Evans

Many years ago I realised the need to use computer software to make the production of year end accounts easy.

I designed my own using Excel.  We were still manually preparing working papers.  Then we discovered VT. The program is so adaptable, unlike Sage and easily understood by all employees.  The accounts are in the self assessment format and so easily transfer to the Return with one press of a button.  The accounts can be and need customising.



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Year end acccounts packages?

I am just trying out Keytime 'accounts production', having used their personal and corporation tax packages for a number of years.  Sometimes there are glitches but they do get ironed out.  Their prices are reduced if you only have a small volume of clients and their staff are wonderfully helpful (full and prompt support included in the very reasonable package cost).  The AP package feeds automatically into the SA and CT packages.  The SA online filing is good (am waiting to try CT online filing once the new standard is in as I don't have a PDF converter for my accounts).  Free trials available for 2 weeks at a time.  Hope you find what you want!

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PDF printer driver

If by PDF convertor you mean a printer driver try PDF Xchange Lite 3. We've been using it for years. You just install it then you can select it instead of a real printer and it creates a PDF file. You can even add to the file.



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Proacc from CCH

Admittedly a few years ago, having used Auditman previously (Sage bought them and then removed support, even though we had paid for it!!!!!) we found that Caseware was extremely sophisticated but a daunting prospect for us to comprehend quickly, as we had to move fast.

After looking at several other products we settled on Proacc, which is now part of the CCH family. At that time, they did a half-day training as part of the intial set-up and away we went.  Worth a look at.

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