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New AWeb

New AWeb

Is the facility available somewhere on the new site ?

I can't seem to find it



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04th Oct 2009 14:52

More info needed

What are you looking for and I might be able to point you at it!



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By B Adder
05th Oct 2009 10:20

Company info searches

The old AWeb had a section where you could search company info; including a comprehensive search of peoples names and directorships held.   It was a great facility and all for Free !   


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05th Oct 2009 10:43


I think the service mentioned by B Adder was called ICC, but I haven't seen it on the new site.

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05th Oct 2009 23:53

OK thanks

I'll follow it up.

Back later with an answer!

Regards, Rebecca

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06th Oct 2009 09:29

Who's who

The new site has a function called Who's Who (there's a link to it in the navigation bar above).

You can use this to search members by name and then once you click on their name you can see their profile and bio info. Members have to opt into this when they register for the site, so not everyone will be on there, but most people are.

I hope this helps.


Update: I've just seen the message about ICC. It doesn't ring a bell for me but I will check with some of our technical colleagues to see if this is still available.



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By B Adder
06th Oct 2009 10:32

Not AWeb members

The facility provided co house information


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06th Oct 2009 11:19

God bless you, Google cache

Over to you Rebecca & team...




Wed 17 June sees a number of changes to the AccountingWEB community including a great new look and easier navigation. As part of the AccountingWEB makeover the Company Reports service will be enhanced to include a number of new features such as a more intuitive interface, International company searches and a business monitoring facility.

Unfortunately there will be a temporary loss of service of the Company Reports facility once the new site goes live. We appreciate the frustration this may cause for those who use the service regularly and we sincerely hope that this does not inconvenience you. Those needing to purchase reports in the meantime are recommended to do so directly with our supplier, Wyse Assist, at www.wyseassist.co.uk – this will also give you a taster of some of the new features to come on AccountingWEB (and your first report is free!)

Please accept our apologies for the interruption in service. We are a sure the new service will be worth the wait and look forward to directing you to our new Company Reports service very soon.

 <strong> Update</strong> It's still referred to here: http://www.accountingweb.co.uk/item/183886

Looks like Wyse took over from ICC just before the site rebuild in June, and didn't pull through

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06th Oct 2009 12:01

Very soon!

Hi all,

The replacement service for company searches is scheduled to be up and running later this week - we're doing final tests over the next couple of days.

The service will deliver:

Companies House documents (instant PDF download at £2.50 each)detailed credit reports and financial analysis for businesses (with various levels of detail from £3 - £14 each)director reports for individuals (£8.50 each)

The new service will be announced in the AccountingWEB email bulletins and a link will appear here on the site as soon as we're live. I'm sure you'll find it a very useful service, and I'd welcome all suggestions as to how we can improve it in the future.

Please do feel free to post here, or send me a Private Message through AccountingWEB, if you have any questions at all.

Finally, please accept my apologies for the delay in getting our reports service back up and running.

Darren Falkingham
Head of Marketing, Sift Media

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By B Adder
06th Oct 2009 16:49

Thanks - but

The basic searches used to be free !

and that was the whole point of using it!!


Whoa who's let Gok Wan loose at AWeb central !!!


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07th Oct 2009 10:41


>>  Re: The basic searches used to be free !

Basic searches are indeed free - check out CreditZone - www.creditzone.co.uk

Would really appreciate your thoughts!


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By Anonymous
26th Jan 2010 12:45

Is the Company reports service running yet?

Seen a few posts on this last year, but is accounting web actually doing a company's reports service or not?

Can't find it



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27th Jan 2010 12:08

It will be here soon...

Hi Frank,

It will be here later this year, however we realised towards the end of 2009 that we needed to rethink the offering, the pricing, what information is available, special packages for regular users, and so on. We want to make it as competitive as possible, but with a full range of business data (ie, not just Companies House stuff, but credit ratings, payment histories, director information, and a lot more).

The reports service will be on the URL I mentioned a couple of posts above - which is a live site, with live data, however still in testing so some gremlins may well be lurking...

We will make an announcement across our business communities once we're confident that we've built a good, solid reports service for our members (one criticism of the previous service is that the processes left a lot to be desired - which I whole-heartedly agree with!).

Kind regards,

Head of Marketing, Sift Media

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