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New Companies House website

New Companies House website

I have just logged on to the Companies House website - what a change. I think that it looks much more professional. All I need to do now is find where all the frequently used stuff is now located.


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11th Mar 2012 13:21

Looks good

I agree - it looks good.

If you use their incorporation service, does anyone know if the post or e-mail the certificate of incorporation to you?

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11th Mar 2012 15:42


Just used the service to form a company and the narrative 'your incorporation certificate and Memorandum of Association will be attached to the acceptance email' was in the confirmation e-mail.

So, sounds like a copy of the certificate won't be posted.

I'll let you know.


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11th Mar 2012 19:54

One page (nearly)

They've changed ONE page (maybe a few more; but a lot is the same if you follow the links).

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12th Mar 2012 08:39

Change for the sake of change? Did they just change some of the colours to make it more drab?

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12th Mar 2012 09:45

Excellent service

Just used incorporation service and got email confirmation next day.  Client thinks I'm the bees knees!  Slight glitch in that email said Cof I attached, but it wasn't. However, still easy enough to download.  I doubt that anything will be sent snail mail as everything points to attachments and downloads.

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13th Mar 2012 00:10

Download only

As 'diannepayne' commented - certificate was available for download only.

But, v easy - always used on-line incorporation agents before, won't now as I save/earn another £15 using CH.

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14th Mar 2012 11:27

Cert of Inc

I've used their service for a few incorporations now - must say I (and more particularly MY CLIENTS) have been greatly impressed! An easy fee earner for simple incorporations.

The Cert of Inc is emailed for you to print yourself - I have some ivory/cream card so when I produce the printed certificate, it looks just like the "original" ones.

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14th Mar 2012 11:28

I agree the new site has a

I agree the new site has a modern feel and looks more professional, however it appears it's only the home page that has changed, as the main pages - company search and company filing still look and operate the same as before.

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By dd_uk
14th Mar 2012 11:33

iXBRL Accounts

It may look nice and new, but I wish they would have spent the money towards the easy filing of iXBRL accounts



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