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New Game - find the lady?

Twice recently have had 3 versions of CT authorisation code letters sent to clients.  All same date, each with a different CT authority code. Got the first one through, two attempts and I hit lucky. Second one - two attempts,and locked out - now have to ask for re-issue.  Are HMRC staff tasked with thinking up new ways to frustrate the process? 


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27th Jul 2012 17:17

Not just me then

Had a similar problem last month - fortunately for a dormant co which we act as registered office for. Unfortunately, tried the wrong one first, then a few envelopes further down the post pile was, presumably, the 'right' one.

No doubt someone at HMRC will blame it on the computer... rather than the bit between the keyboard and the chair.

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27th Jul 2012 17:59

Me too

Although in my case it was a PAYE code, but exactly the same situation.  Very frustrating!

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27th Jul 2012 18:28

And me

Had 2 CT codes received in the post yesterday. Luckily only tried the wrong code once.

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By stiga
27th Jul 2012 18:39

And me also

Luckly that the first code I picked worked.

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By Old Greying Accountant
28th Jul 2012 09:09

I get his and have the opposite too ...

... I get e-mails saying codes I have used and unlocked clients with are about to expire!

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By Hensir
06th Nov 2012 09:14

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