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No UTR but need to recover tax overpayment

No UTR but need to recover tax overpayment

My sister was recently made redundant in October 2010 and didn't return to work immediately as she was due to give birth! She has since had a baby and has not been able to return to work.  She has overpaid for 2010/11 around £2k of tax, that part is easy.  I said I'd do her a tax return but as she was solely PAYE and not a higher rate tax payer she has no UTR issued to her.  I asked her to ring HMRC who said they would not give her a UTR to reclaim tax but didn't offer advice on how she was supposed to make a claim when it couldn't be sorted through the PAYE system.  I submit lots of SA100 forms every year but have never encountered this problem.  Do I just submit a paper one with no UTR or will it get bounced back to me because I hadn't submitted a UTR.  Ideally I'd like to do an electronic return so that I can track the progress but I can't without a UTR even on the commercial software I favour.  I have a feeling I may be missing something obvious here but can't see anything on HMRC's website or on this forum.


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By occca
10th Aug 2011 07:55

Don't do a tax return

Once you submit one she will have to do one every year until she can get HMRC to agree otherwise


She just needs to write a quick letter to HMRC

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10th Aug 2011 08:33

Letter should work ...

... or you could use a form R40

The HMRC blurb says that it is designed for reclaiming tax on investment income, but it is just as effective.

Don't forget to tell the tax credit office about the new child.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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10th Aug 2011 09:20

Seconded. A letter should do the trick.

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By vince8
10th Aug 2011 10:41

By phone

I called the agent help line 08453667855 about this and the guy suggested they could do it over the phone. Suggest your sister tries this and you could be there to help?

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10th Aug 2011 12:15

When I had to do this for my mother I wrote to her tax office sending them the P60 and details of her other income.


The refund came back surprisingly quickly!

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By Monsoon
10th Aug 2011 15:24

Also by phone

As Vince says, I recently called the Agents line, who said by phone is the quickest way at present.

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11th Aug 2011 00:40


Wow thanks everyone.  I seriously wasn't expecting a letter to be the way forward as other letters I've sent and then followed up have been subject to an 8 week delay in actually being opened due to the volumes of mail at HMRC!  I will try the agent line and then a letter if this doesn't work.  Will report back on what gets the right result!  Thanks again.

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11th Aug 2011 11:58

Great, all sorted

All sorted now, done over the phone.  Ended up having to ring 0845 302 1479 as don't have 64-8 in place, (NO UTR).  Simple call really, they even accepted the P11D details over the phone and repayment will be sent out by cheque within 10 working days unless vetted by security.


Thanks everyone!

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15th Aug 2011 12:16

no utr

congrats everyone/ what friendship and fellowship mean/ and the use of modern comms. sys.

regrettably those causing havoc in our streets use it for different and selfish purposes.

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17th Aug 2011 11:05

I realise I am late to the party...

 but I am surprised that nobody mentioned form P50 which could have been submitted together with the details regarding the benefits.

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19th Aug 2011 12:59

HMRC form

You can complete an R40 - this normally takes about 3-4 weeks to come through.

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