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Nokia Mobile Phone query

Nokia Mobile Phone query

I have a Nokia mobile phone which I use on a pay as you go basis. It is quite old and becoming very difficult to switch off. I have asked at phone shops about changing to a newer model, but they all say that  it would not be possible to carry my exisitng phone number over to the new phone. Is there any way around this problem?


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03rd Mar 2012 08:04

mobile phone


I'm not an expert but I've had three mobiles and never had to change a number.  I just put the old sim card into the new phone. 

Hope this helps


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03rd Mar 2012 08:46

You know, in this world

and, with modern technology, anything is possible.

I've changed at least three four times, in almost 20 years and, have always kept the same number. Those phone shops that actually "serve" you will also transfer your contact details across, when they're stored in the phone memory. Tip; from outside the shop, look for a more mature assistance and make a beeline for them. I've nothing against the younger salesperson, it's just that you've outlined a problem, which simply doesn't exist.

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03rd Mar 2012 10:20

I recently

Transferred my number from a very old virgin PAYG to a virgin monthly contract with new phone.  The old phone was lost at the time and they could still do the transfer.

When my son forgot (doh) his password for his phone they sent a new sim card and transferred the old number to the new card (although to start with they transferred someone else's number to his phone which caused all kinds of fun and games, but we got back to where we should be in the end).


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05th Mar 2012 12:57

Probably because

they want to sell you a new deal.  Even if you sign up for a contract they can port the number over, esp if with the same provider.

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12th Mar 2012 08:21

PAC code
You will need to ask your current provider for your PAC code. Then there shouldn't be a problem. Did the computer say NO.

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