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not poilitical but

not poilitical but

Is it just me or does Gordon Brown's attempts at smiling remind anyone else of Frasers attempts to use his funereal skills to make the platoon look younger?


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By Guest1
29th Apr 2010 12:36

My goodness

"flash" Gordon certainly knows how to treat a woman, doesn't he?

Rochdale will also thank him, for putting them on the map.

I've always liked to believe that, if I've made a mistake (and I've made plenty) I always know when to throw the spade away and stop digging. Pity Gordon hasn't learnt that art!

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29th Apr 2010 13:52

Smoking gun

He always reminds me of someone standing in the dock pleading his innocence when they were actually caught holding the smoking gun.  In other words - he is shifty and a liar.

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By Anonymous
29th Apr 2010 14:21


for flash that Cyril Smith aint around any more or he'd have sat on him after as usual have missed the target with this.....flashs fury was nothing to do with her being a bigot but that someone outside the usual handpicked robots had been allowed to get within 100 yards hence his fury being the total control freak he is..

Set me thinking now....Clegg = Pike  (fresh faced and a bit of a mummys boy) ; Vince = Capt Mainwaring (bit pompous and serious) ; Ed Balls = Corp Jones (bit mad and out of control) ; Cameron = The Vicar ( boring really) ; Mandelson = er .... Hitler ?


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02nd May 2010 13:10



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