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not self employed since March 2011 now received a penalty for late tax return for year 2012-13

Hi, I had worked as a locum medical consultant back in 2010 and filled my tax return at the time. In March 2011 I started working as an NHS consultant (PAYE paid) and moved home. Lst time I completed my tax return and paid was in December 2011 (for year 2010-2011) and then stopped completing tax returns as I am now employed by NHS and no longer self employed. Yesterday I received a letter from HMRC with penalty(1200.00 GBP) for late tax return for year 2012-2013! Any advice please?


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Did you notify HMRC that you were no longer self employed?

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And did they send you a notice requiring you to submit a return?

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what about year 2011/12. 

I had a similar case but HMRC insisted that the employee file a tax return for at least one more year which seemed pointless though HMRC argue that they want to make sure that there is no other income,

Presumably you are not doing any private work ?

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I am not sure I have notified HMRC, truth is I didnt know I had to do so. If that is the case do I still have to pay the penalty? I moved home in December 2011, they may have sent reminders to my previous address

I am not doing any private work.

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did you tick the box?

There is a box on the tax return which says "I ceased trading during this tax year" and you can then put the date you ceased.

If you completed this, then in my view you can get rid of the fines.  HMRC routinely ignore these boxes and as an agent I then have to write to them to get clients out of self-assessment.  But they can hardly argue that anyone who completed them has failed to notify them.

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interestingly enough I received a letter with a penalty for delayed tax return for year 2012-13 qnd they do not mention about 2011-12...

How would I have notified them that I stopped working as self-employed? Back in 2011 could this be done electronically or would I have to sent a letter?


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This August I worked for 1 week through an umbrella company, they deducted all taxes and NI. Does this count as self employment, in other words will I need to complete a tax return and register (again) as self employed?

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If you didn't tell them you had moved it definitely would have gone to the old address.

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Does that mean I will have to pay a penalty for not filling tax returns for years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 (which would amount around 3000.00) when the real reason is I failed to notify them? 

will I still have to pay the penalty if I let them know I stopped self employment in 2011?

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You need to appeal to HMRC explaining what you told us or better talk to an accountant and get them to appeal. Sometimes it works in your type of case. What is certain is that they will send you (if they haven't already) a 2013-14 return for completion and for every year afterwoods until the matter is resolved

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Tax return

HMRC will have a record of your PAYE employment and the date that it started. I have recently had success, on behalf of a client, in this situation, where a phone call to say that you had ceased S/E, had no untaxed income or gains, and that no tax return would have been required and request that the return is withdrawn.

This should have the effect of vacating the penalties.


Of course you will be under scrutiny so you will have to be absolutely that you state the facts fully and correctly

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