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Off Site Backup

Off Site Backup

This has probably been asked before, but does anyone know of a good off site PC back up service? I've got broadband, so connection speed isn't a problem.
Geoffrey Booth


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14th Jun 2005 14:48

Depositit Online Backup
Tom's comments below are valid regarding some files growing in size on a daily basis resulting in additional costs.

With Depositit this generally applies to databases and can be easily managed by following the advice in the help files (on the website) which explain how to backup databases.

I would suggest noting down your key questions and then giving a few companies a call or sendiing an email to see which firm caters best for your requirements (i.e security, cost, how many machines do you need to backup etc).



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By GeeBee
10th May 2005 16:46

Many thanks
Thanks for your input. I'll give them a try.

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04th May 2005 19:29

One thing I would be wary of is those companies that store multiple copies of unchanged versions of files. This seemed to be the problem I had when I tried Depositit and my bill rose sharply every day!

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28th Apr 2005 10:15

Backup Direct is reasonably priced, the software is very easy to use and install, and I have successfully retrieved files from them very easily when required.
The URL is

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By stratty
28th Apr 2005 11:32

Offsite Backup
We use and have found them to be reasonably priced with top class service.

As a practice have been reassured by the 24/7 phone support and found them to be extremely helpful.

Data is compressed before transmission and they only charge you for the compressed data held.

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28th Apr 2005 11:52

We have tried several of these solutions for ourselves and our customers and have found depositit from to be an excellent solution. Yours Viv Burrows

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