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Offshore mortgages and non UK domiciles

Is there any advantage to a non UK domicile having an offshore mortgage when buying a UK residence?
Alan MacPherson


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An offshore mortage may be beneficial if the non-dom is able to utilise offshore income/gains without precipitating a taxable remittance.

Whilst post FA 2008 a number of loop-holes have been closed in principle structures can be set up enabling such mortgages to still be attractive.

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Likely to be a remittance

Servicing (paying interest or repaying capital) an offshore loan used in the UK out of foreign income or gains will be a remittance for a Non Dom caliming the remittance basis after 5 April 2008

There are some "grandfathering" rule for loans (for "dwellings") in place by Budget day last year 12 March

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Possibly to keep offshore funds offshore?

However, would this be a constructive remittance?

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